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System Analysis

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Level 1 - Walk Through Analysis

Evaluating Plant Compressed Air System by identifying the types, needs, the appropriate uses, pressures and air quality requirements.

  • Supply Side is analyzed for types consisting of Compressors, Primary Air Receivers, Filters, Air Dryers, and Condensate Removal. A Sequencer Controller or Pressure and Flow Controller may also be included.
  • Distribution System is analyzed for any apparent concerns for size, pressure drops, storage, leaks, and drains.
  • Maintenance procedures and Operator Training is analyzed for proper care and operating of equipment for mechanical and safety concerns.
  • Written Review and upgrade justification.

  • Level 2 - Demand Profile and Assessment (7days)

    Document system installation “SmartAir-data-form” onsite.
  • Install Energy Data Logger to each compressor monitoring energy consumed during a seven-day period.
  • Pressure Data Logger monitoring pressure band during 7-day survey.
  • OPTIONAL - Ultrasonic Leak Detection, tagging and quantifying each leak for prioritizing repairs.
  • A simple Block Diagram of the system is provided.
  • Written Report of findings, qualified proposed solutions and return on investment (ROI).

  • Level 3 - Implementation

    Whatever recommendations are made resulting from our system analysis, ACES, Inc. has the experience and Capability to complete the task with guaranteed results.

  • Switch Reluctance Speed Regulated Air Compressors
  • Intermediate Control, Pressure and Flow Control Technology
  • Compressor Networking and Sequence Controls
  • Leak Management Program
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreement Programs
  • Upgrade of Compressed Air Distribution System

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