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Apex Series

Rotary Screw Compressors

Gardner Denver Apex 25 rotary screw compressor mounted on a 240 gallon horizontal receiver tank.

The fixed speed Apex Series™ from Gardner Denver offers a fully enclosed, low noise compressor package that delivers the performance and reliability you demand. The integrated airend design includes easy-to-access service items, a thermostatic mixing valve that ensures proper compressor warm-up and prevents moisture contamination of oil and a robust, two-stage lubricant separation system that keeps oil carryover to a minimum. The Apex Total System™ utilizes the air receiver as a base for the compressor and dryer which provides the ideal solution for a compressed air system that requires minimal installation time and cost.

APEX 15+-25
  • 15-25HP
  • 50-110 CFM
  • Belt Drive
  • Load/No Load Control
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration
  • APEX 25+-30
  • 25-30HP
  • 94-146 CFM
  • Direct Drive
  • Load/No Load with Optional Modulation
  • Base Mount or Total System Configuration

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