ACES can take just about any air compressor and turn it into a productive and dependable compressor. Just because the air-end has failed does not mean the compressor must be replaced. When working with air compressors 100 HP and above Refurbishing can be accomplished for approximately 50-60% of the cost of a replacement compressor.

Air End and Pump Rebuilding

ACES have been rebuilding reciprocating (Piston), rotary screw and vane type air compressors along with vacuum type for more than 22 years. Our process in rebuilding is aimed toward bringing worn out pumps and air-ends back to the manufacturer exact standards, whenever possible. If your compressor is approaching 50-60 thousand hours of operation, it might be time to consider rebuilding. Predictive maintenance to avoid costly downtime is sometimes the best choice. Offering extended warranties on rebuilds with purchases of select lubricants, annual maintenance parts, that are normally required for proper maintenance, and or signing of Maintenance Agreement. Oil sampling program is provided for all rebuilt air compressors using select lubricants.

Air Dryer and Chiller Rebuilding

ACES repairs and rebuilds all brands of refrigerated and desiccant type compressed air dryers. When you have a moisture problem and believe you just might need a new air dryer, give us a call there is a very good chance it can be repaired. ACES repairs and rebuilds all brands and sizes of liquid process chillers, from the small point-of-use to the large centralized systems. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.