System Design

There are many ways that Compressed Air System will not perform as intended. From incorrect equipment specification, selection and location, to improper pipe size and pipe layout. Once the system is installed it can be expensive to rectify. ACES has a wealth of experience in Compressed Air System Design. Let us review your requirements and make recommendations to ensure that your system performs efficiently.

Level 1 - Walk Through Analysis

Evaluating Plant Compressed Air System by identifying the types, needs, the appropriate uses, pressures and air quality requirements.

  • Supply Side is analyzed for types consisting of Compressors, Primary Air Receivers, Filters, Air Dryers, and Condensate Removal. A Sequencer Controller or Pressure and Flow Controller may also be included.
  • Distribution System is analyzed for any apparent concerns for size, pressure drops, storage, leaks, and drains.
  • Maintenance procedures and Operator Training is analyzed for proper care and operating of equipment for mechanical and safety concerns.
  • Written Review and upgrade justification.

Level 2 - Demand Profile and Assessment (7days)

Document system installation “SmartAir-data-form” onsite.

  • Install Energy Data Logger to each compressor monitoring energy consumed during a seven-day period.
  • Pressure Data Logger monitoring pressure band during 7-day survey.
  • OPTIONAL – Ultrasonic Leak Detection, tagging and quantifying each leak for prioritizing repairs.
  • A simple Block Diagram of the system is provided.
  • Written Report of findings, qualified proposed solutions and return on investment (ROI).

Level 3 - Implementation

Whatever recommendations are made resulting from our system analysis, ACES has the experience and Capability to complete the task with guaranteed results.

  • Switch Reluctance Speed Regulated Air Compressors
  • Intermediate Control, Pressure and Flow Control Technology
  • Compressor Networking and Sequence Controls
  • Leak Management Program
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreement Programs
  • Upgrade of Compressed Air Distribution System