BMD-SMD-TMD Series Pneumatic Condensate Drain

Gardner Denver pneumatically operated condensate drains are designed to ensure that liquid oil and water condensates are discharged from the compressed air stream. The SMD-TMD-BMD Series features a no air-loss actuated design which operates on demand. The discharge port closes before any compressed air is lost. Air powered pistons are used for positive opening and closing of discharge port.




  • Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSIG
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 120°F
  • Economical drain for light to medium duty service
  • No air loss level actuated design — operates on demand
  • Discharge rates of .04 (20cc) per operation (0.3gal/hr – 1.2 liter/hr)
  • Built-in stainless steel screen protects discharge port from clogging


  • Maximum Working Pressure: 500 PSIG (depending on unit, see literature)
  • Maximum operating Temperature: 150°F
  • Discharge rates of 3-24 gallons/hour
  • Rugged drain for heavy duty service and heavily contaminated condensate
  • Large discharge port prevents clogging