High Pressure Piston Compressors

Reavell high pressure air and gas reciprocating air compressors offer a unique range of applications. Pressures range from 36-6005 psig. Available as air or water cooled units, 7 different models are offered as well custom engineered packages. Custom packages are built to meet customer’s requirements and specifications to maximize productivity for their applications. Reavell compressors come with market leading service intervals of up to 1,500 hours. We provide preventative maintenance kits that are specifically designed to minimize costs, that cover everything from minor air end servicing down to running gear overhauls. Not only will your machine run longer between services, but it will also be running long after competitor machines have had to be replaced.


Air Cooled Models

5200 Series: 5204-5211

  • Two-stage, air cooled
  • 230-650 psig
  • 3 to 38 cfm

5300 Series: 5307-5309

  • Three-stage, air cooled
  • 580-1200 psig
  • 10-25 cfm

5400 Series: 5450-5470

  • One to five-stage, air cooled
  • 30-6000 psig
  • 100-2000 cfm