Quantima Series Oil Free Compressors

The two-stage variable speed centrifugal Quantima provides unmatched efficiency due to its low level of energy consumption and it’s incredibly low off load power consumption. The design of the Quantima features only one rotating part suspended in air by a magnetic field, therefore no oil required for lubrication. As a result, there is no oil or oil filter to replace and dispose, providing significant savings on maintenance costs.



  • Magnetic bearing – no wear
  • Q-drive high speed motor
  • 1 micron inlet filters
  • stainless steel coolers
  • Q-master controller
  • variable speed drive
  • zero loss condensate drains
  • EMC filters and line reactor standard
  • Acoustic Canopy reduces noise to 69dB(a)
  • Simple installation
  • Titanium 1st stage impellers on select models