RPC Series Energy Saving Refrigerated Dryers

The RPC Energy Saving Series refrigerated air dryer has a reliable patent pending heat exchanger The ESS (Energy Saving System) contains a media which is capable of transferring heat energy through a change of state. The state of the media is monitored by a temperature probe that automatically engages the refrigeration compressor to power on or off according to varying inlet load profiles. Because the ESS is capable of storing and releasing heat energy without a change in temperature, the refrigerant compressor cycles less frequently and saves energy.



  • Energy Saving System with significant yearly cost savings
  • No-Air-Loss Drain on all models
  • Both levels of controllers have dew point indicator along with drain valve failure alarm
  • Delivers stable third-party certified ISO Air Quality Class 4-5 dew point
  • Consumes less power than conventional energy saving designs
  • 75-550 SCFM
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 232 psig
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature: 122ºF
  • Filtration is external to the dryer and offered as a bundle package
  • No-Air-Loss drain on all models
  • Two levels of controllers specified by model